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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Simple real life problem about division

To solve word problems involving division

1.    There are 87 books in one box and 34 in the smaller box. Each shelf takes 25 books. How many shelves does there need to be?

2.   A lorry can carry 35 pallets. The haulage company has 162 pallets to transport. How many lorries need to be used?

3.   A school trip is taking 68 children. Each coach has 25 seats. How many coaches are needed?

4.   On my birthday I bring in 32 cakes to share with my friends. I have 6 friends. How many cakes do they each get?

5.   At half time in a football game the coach has prepared 42 pieces of orange. There are 12 players. How many pieces each do they receive?

6.   A manager has 173 pens to display in 12 boxes. How many pens will he use?

7.   A plane can carry 245 passengers. There are 550 people waiting after a delay due to snow. How many planes will be needed? 

8.    204 sticks of licorice are in the store cupboard at the sweet shop. They are put into bags with 6 sticks in each. How many bags are needed? 

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